Hi, I'm Canzhi Ye.

I'm a recent grad of UC Berkeley where I studied Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and History.

I currently work at Nextdoor.

In my free time, I'm thinking about how to apply computer vision to basketball in order to quantify things that are not currently. Some early thoughts here, here, and here. Would love to hear any ideas or feedback!

I love sports (mostly college football, NBA, soccer, swimming, triathlon...actually everything).

I like art and classical music a lot. Here is what I am currently listening to.

I try to read, but like everyone else, "I don't have time." My reading list is on Goodreads.

I tweet, use Facebook, and occasionally write other things like how to make a healthy alternative to Nutella. Obligatory LinkedIn.

Not super updated résumé

Inspiration from this beautiful website