New habits are hard to keep up as you can see with this journaling thing.

I’m in a fb group chat where we play the NYT mini crossword everyday and post our times (honor system). Shashank made a really cool bot to keep track of leaderboards. After months of getting beat down by this pretty solid group of crossworders, I FINALLY got my first victory. Big moment for me!

Last week I aborted my long run a few miles in because of tight calves, which I’ve dealt with a decent amount in the past, mostly caused by my own laziness to not stretch / foam roll after working out. Cycling has been bothering my right achilles a bit too, so that’s been adding to the lower leg weirdness. This week of stretching of icing has helped and had a solid threshold run (20 mins @ ~6:20) and a slightly shorter long run. I need to figure out a way to run >20mpw without foot/calf/shin issues while not cannibalizing my already not-so-high bike mileage. I just can’t see myself improving much in running if I can’t up my mileage without getting hurt. Probably just need more slow / zone 2 running…

Clubhouse has been a lot of fun. We’ve got a late-night group that avoids the business talk and the wow-let’s-talk-about-philosophy-because-I’m-so-smart discussions. All fun and jokes. I don’t think it will last, but happy to engage while it’s here :) most of my recent followers / following are people I met on Clubhouse!

I finally shipped @ballfakebot, which is a play-by-play generator that simulates basketball games. Props to friends on the NBA analytics Slack that did the hard work of connecting my simulation code I wrote last month up to a twitter bot.

Lastly, I’m working on a new project with a good friend from college. We’re building data cleaning tools for non-programmers. Interested? Check it out here.


I switched my feed to chronological a couple days ago. Maybe it’ll help me stop doing the doom scrolling for the first and last 30 mins of my day. I think it will probably make my feed worse, as in less interesting, but maybe that will help me reduce Twitter screen time.


Not really an article, but I’m reading this really old basketball analytics paper. Was recently alerted that some people still swear by the stuff in there, but I am skeptical.



  • Ethan Sherwood Strauss interview about his new book, which Nish sent me a copy of! Thanks Nish!
  • good discussion on content moderation policies by Twitter and YouTube

Bet the Process with Peter Jennings. There was a discussion of touts across stocks, sports betting, and DFS. It’s pretty fucked that stock touts don’t face much scrutiny because they can operate under the guise of investing being perceived as a Good Thing that Smart People do. Robinhood is unequivocally primarily a gaming app, and you’re pretty delusional if you think otherwise. I briefly argued this with Robinhood engineer and I was very shocked that he thought I was trolling. Making “trading” high-risk options super frictionless just enables people to recklessly gamble. That product decision was definitely intentional. If gambling at casinos has negative societal externalities, then Robinhood has them too.


Watched three episodes of Tiger King. Thoughts later.


Weird 3d note taking app