I’m on a lighter week of running / biking this week after three pretty tough weeks. I’ll actually still try to up my run mileage after feeling really good running pretty easy on Monday. I did a steady 5mi @ 7:00 pace today and it never felt too fast, so I was pretty pleased by that. I’m still wary of doing too much faster running, so will probably just chill below 8:00 for the rest of my miles this week.

I’m happy about being productive today, and it’s a really good feeling to be in flow state, just letting irrelevant shit not use up any brain cycles. I wonder if consistency around sleeping / waking up can help with achieving sustained productivity / flow state across days instead of just within days. Everything is just blending together anyways. The internet has become reality. [insert something something Baudrillardian hyperreality]


Adding to the COVID cocaphony again, but this was cool.

Kostya was able to test using deaths data instead of cases data on this kind of novel take trying to estimate real-time rate of transmission by just changing a few lines of code because OP made it public. So much easier to trust data analysis that is reproduceable too.


Really sad Wired article about Lee Holloway and the effects of FTD on not only him, but his family, friends, and coworkers.


good overview of “advanced” stats in soccer. I’ve been dabbling in doing some predictive modeling for soccer after I stumbled upon some event data and this was an easy to listen to overview of the more popular parts (not cutting edge) of soccer analytics.


I got weird recs lol