My brain has been feeling a bit empty the past week.

I started doing some freelance iOS work. It’s very nostalgic, given that making apps was how I got started with programming…back in 2009/2010!!! Time really goes too fast.

Without sports, my content consumption patterns have changed a lot. I feel like I’m looking at a lot more normie stuff than I used to. I guess that’s what happens when the thing I actually know a lot about gets taken from me. Maybe it’s time to get deep into something else?

I have an anon twitter account where I kind of just stream some of my random thoughts to. I like the idea of being anon because my ideas there get judged more for their quality than for who they’re tweeted by. It’s also just an outlet for bursts of kind of hot takes that I don’t want to attach my name to. Maybe that’s problematic lol