Consuming calories

I’ve gotten to cook a lot more, which is usually tons of fun, but also so easy for me to feel like I’m running out of ideas with a slightly limited set of ingredients.

I’ve made normal boring stuff like scrambled eggs, pb sandwiches, pasta, burgers, etc

Here’s some of the (weirder) stuff I’ve taken pics of:

Sous vide chicken thighs in some buns…no veggies, so threw some carrots on it.

This was okay, but crazy spicy.

I usually hate instant coffee, but I went and grabbed some to make this. Was too much effort to whip it up for a mediocre tasting drink.

Sous vide chicken thighs, with Indian-ish flavors (turmeric, ginger, cumin, salt, pepper). I also don’t know why these images aren’t rotated properly.

Braised red cabbage with onions and apples. Didn’t have any carbs, so I threw it in some tortillas.

Burning calories

I did 130 miles on the bike and 19 miles on my feet last week – probably my biggest week of cardio work in a long time, so I was pretty worn out by Sunday. Silver lining of this corona stuff is I’ll hopefully come out of this in top cardio shape, and maybe I’ll do a couple races. I’ve been running way slower (intentionally) than ever before, but I’m hoping it pays off by keeping me free of weird pains and aches that I’ve gotten before.