Ran in the rain today. Did a couple miles a little faster in the middle of the run. Lower calves don’t feel great, so rest of week of running will be much easier / slower.

Wrote some code for a little project that will hopefully launch this weekend :)


Keith vs Zach lol some of it here

I don’t know anything here, so abstaining from commentary.


The Weeds on what to do with industry in times like these. Some comparisons to Ford, factories, etc producing necessary things in WWII. It’s like a car crash - I can’t not pay attention.


Still looking to take a deeper dive into the covid data. Lack of domain knowledge caveat applies here, but I think I have a few ideas on how I can add something to the discussion without being absolutely destroyed like @aginnt. Main thing I want to look at is incorporating testing and demographic data to contextualize the confirmed cases graphs I see everywhere.

The situation around KAT’s mom is really sad. Very brave of him to get in front of a camera and deliver this message.