Does the wildlife come out when humans retreat?


Don’t remember.


Read some stuff about multi-armed bandits.


Bet the Process episode recorded at Sloan came out today. Interviews with Ted Knutson and Jeff Yass were both insightful. Knutson was pretty negative about the prospects of a thriving regulated & legalized betting market in the US. Or more specifically it’d only be for recreational bettors. Yass talked about how at SIG they teach all the new traders to play poker first to learn about variance and process-oriented decision making. I think that’s really cool! I’m not good at poker, but those aspects of the game appeal to me as well. Playing games with a mix of luck and skill is way more fun than a game like chess, which is a perfect information all skill game. Actually, not only is it way more fun, it is a much more realistic representation of the real world where we never have perfect information.


More multi-armed bandit stuff.


Spent some time on Indiehackers today. Exploring ideas to hack on!