Life would be amazing without so many cars in SF. I think everyone in the city has gotten a glimpse of that in the past week. In an odd way, I really enjoy SF the way it is right now – peaceful and quiet, with people getting outside to exercise.

GoPros are cool. Rode my bike. Only got in two rides this week, but feeling quite a bit stronger already. I’ll up the mileage next week.

Twitter observations

Surprisingly did a good job of staying off this hellhole today again.




Can’t believe I listened to a podcast about fantasy Top Chef basically. Two NBA media people (Arnowitz / Haberstroh) are the hosts: Pack Your Knives I guess this is where I am without sports :(


Rewatched Super Size Me on YouTube in the background. I haven’t watched Top Chef in a long time, but a friend recommended me to watch the latest season that just premiered. Seems like I might have fun following it since there aren’t going to be sports for a while.


Relaxing day!