As usual, spent most of the day in front of the computer… which is currently a 55” TV. I basically have 4 screens at once and it works decently.

Stupid me forgot that I washed my bike jerseys yesterday so they were still wet and I couldn’t ride this morning.

Excited for tomorrow!

Twitter observations

Surprisingly did a good job of staying off this hellhole today.


Read a friend’s draft for a blog post. Otherwise, again I’m illiterate.


Listened to one of the recent Invest Like the Best episodes. While latently interesting, there’s nothing really actionable from it. Not really into trading stock- I think it’s pretty -EV. Just a completely time and energy sink. And plus, if you really new something, you probably wouldn’t give it away for free.




Thinking about doing some covid-19 modeling. I’ll read through the metholodogies of what’s currently out there and see if I have anything to add. If not, I’ll leave it up to Smart People. Just want to once again harp on the point that modeling confirmed cases seems very unwise.

UPDATE: Saw this before bed, and I swear I came to the above opinion independently!