Quick ride this morning. I think I’ll do something longer and more painful tomorrow.

Did a ton of errands and not that much coding.

Twitter observations

Saw the alleged insider trading stuff about Kelly Loeffler and other congresspeople. Led me down a small rabithole of learning about how they disclose transactions. Found that other people already scrape it, and I’m sure smart finance people either already look at it or that it comes out so much after the fact that it doesn’t even matter.


Nothing. Apparently I’m illiterate if not consuming info in 280 character chunks.


I was missing Dan Carlin’s voice, but didn’t want to commit to a relisten of one of his marathon episodes, so I found his Addendum podcast. Listened to his conversation about the political spectrum, and he definitely dates himself here.

No idea why I listened to this one about coronavirus on the Weeds.

Internet buddy went on a niche podcast about betting basketball and a bunch of random stuff. My favorite type of podcast– low production quality, raw, and information-dense.


very dumb but I chuckled


Roughly 2% of NBA players have coronavirus! Obviously they interact with way more people than the average person, but still interesting to think about how many people in the US would test positive if we could magically get tests for everyone right now. Partially because of this, I’m stil unconvinced that forecasting based on confirmed cases is the right thing to do.

Found a cool video and gave it a shot myself… chemistry!

Chatted with a couple friends: How do we enable people to make money online if/when unemployment rises soon?