I spent most of today writing code for a dumb little side project. Hopefully done this week. Woke up early-ish to bike with Zac, but rain turned us back to sleep. Tomorrow I hammer. Supported the local coffee shop Coffee Movement, which I LOVE. To-go only, of course.

I had really solid flow throughout the day by keeping the phone far away, but after being distracted in the afternoon it was hard to context switch back and get back into flow.

Twitter observations

Seeing some rumblings about pandemic affecting jobs in tech. Also saw some pessimism towards the fundraising environment, but I wonder how much that applies to early stages.

People have been posting the exponential growth charts of coronavirus for a couple weeks now, but I think more nuance is entering the discussion especially since the data quality is not good.

Normalizing for testing! Yes! I’ve been kinda harping on this for like the last week. In that vein, I kinda wanna see a deaths-added metric (deaths over expected), which adjust for demographic factors.


Nothing today.


Finished up the final episode of the Three Man Weave. I didn’t get to watch a ton of college basketball this year, but still followed it quite closely. Obviously pretty sad that the season was cut short of the climax.

Bet the Process. They were pretty self-aware about adding more noise to the coronavirus discussion, but I did enjoy their thought process around trying to forecast it. NFL talk seems so… wrong… with every other sport being held in limbo.


Since we’re all trapped at home, I think I’ll try to learn to cook / make a few new things. Same ole stuff getting tiring, so I watched some cooking videos on Youtube. Browsed a couple NRL highlights since that’s like the only sport still going on. They should suspend their season though.


Lots of uncertainty everywhere! Friend showed me a couple graphs I found interesting as someone who knows basically nothing about finance

1) most volatile since 2008

2) everything very correlated